What Kaje Means to Me NOW: Real talk with our owner

Hey babes! It's Karen. I wanted to take a minute this morning and talk to you all woman to woman, gal to gal, boss to mf boss baby. I want to start by saying, THANK YOU for believing, supporting and loving Kaje. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. Second, I want to be real. Running a business is FUCKING HARD. Yes it takes a lot of physical labor: sourcing, shooting, editing, downloading, uploading, advertising, engaging, announcing, reposting, etc. BUT it takes 10x more emotional and mental energy; And let me tell you, I have fucked up more than once due to my emotions. But I’m not here to complain. I love what I do so so much and I am so grateful. I want to share how my perspective of Kaje (& life) has changed because I believe it's a lesson we all come across at some point in our lives.
I started Kaje because I wanted to inspire other women to do whatever they want to do regardless of resources, connections, etc. I wanted EVERY WOMAN to be able to come to Kaje and find an outfit that made them feel so fucking confident that they would just leave their 9-5 and open up an art gallery or something they always dreamed of. I wanted a brand so big and beautiful that it encompassed all women: body types, hair types, skin tones, fashion style, piercings, tattoos, birthmarks, you name it - I wanted it to be a part of Kaje. A brand that gives back and stands up to fight no matter how small we are. As it turns out, there are milestones and unforeseen challenges you have to meet or hurdle over first before you can get it right, every time. There are things you cannot control that may slow you down or completely change your path and you just have to go with it. 
SO, what does Kaje mean to me now? As cheesy as it sounds, I now look at Kaje as a journey rather than a destination. One that I hope women will be inspired to join me in. Kaje is trying your hardest and being really fucking proud of whatever the outcome is. It's bad ass in its own little way. As we all are. I strongly believe we are all amazing in our own unique way and we need to be confident enough to show our true selves, our true style, our true wants in life. We have so much potential and intelligence to offer the world as women that gets buried under insecurity. I want Kaje to serve as your daily reminder that you CAN achieve your dreams. As it reminds me every day to work for mine.
So that's what Kaje means to me now. It's my alarm clock in the morning, my reminder in the afternoon, my pep talk in the mirror before interviews, my reflection of my day at night. And who knows, it may change tomorrow. I hope you all join me to find out. 
As always with love, Karen 

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